Tourist and Cultural Concept Development :

​​​Our mission is to evolve the concept of tourism in Egypt as a main icon for tourism globally
; As Egypt contains all kinds of touristic activities such as cultural, medical and entertainment.
so we focused on the development of the world known landmarks in Egypt especially Cairo Tower as it’s an important landmark which was blurred from the public eye for a while so we worked on marketing this landmark and other places which lack the potential of being well known by tourists, and we created solutions to help marketing these landmarks such as:

  • We came up with marketing solutions and advertising using the latest methods in this field.

  • We specialize in evaluating the touristic places and set up the right standards for Quality and service in order to gain the satisfaction of the coming visitors.

  •  We work on stepping up with the level of touristic awareness among residents in order to give the tourists the best impression of the Egyptian culture so that they enjoy their experience during their visit.

Restaurant Concept Development:

A challenging and exciting step in food service development is the phase of restaurant concept development. It is a forward-looking process for developing and offering new ideas before consuming financial resources. If you are planning a new or first restaurant venture or need to rebrand existing restaurant operations, restaurant concept development gives wide variety of ideas and chance examined by experts in a logical and marketing process.

  • Brand Essence and Positioning.

  • Product Development.

  • Restaurant Menu Engineering.

  • Restaurant Concept. 

  • Environment.

  • Concept Design Operations and Prototype.

Feasibility Study :
- The feasibility study is the analysis of the program objective to determine whether it can be solved effectively or not. 
- The goal of a feasibility study is to identify the methods available and rate each option to achieve the desired value.
Business Plan Development and Creation:
- Developing and getting your restaurant concept represented on a formal report is usually a necessary component to ensure the project financing, and engaging vendors and future employees. 
- Restaurant business plans often include an executive summary, description and environment analysis, stakeholder’s backgrounds, market analysis, operations and marketing plans, and financial plans.
The Company & Characterization:
Market Analysis
Production and Operation
Management Personnel
Impact of Community
Financial Statements
Cash Flow Projections
Income Statements
Pro Forma Statement for 5 Years
Sales Projections 
Capital Sources and Applications

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