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As we go further, technology proved to have been the axis of the progression of any organization so it’s our job to keep your data safe and secured.




  • STG establishes, develops, and sustains secure, resilient, enterprise-level information systems. We provide contextual technical analysis to enhance our client’s understanding of the threats they face while remaining technology-neutral to provide the right tools to meet mission objectives.




Cyber Operations :


We provide critical network operations services, situational awareness tools, and Defensive Cyber Operations practices that provide system and network availability and ensure information protection.


Enterprise IT Services :

We operate, maintain, and sustain enterprise communications across DoD. and DHS. information networks.

Our ITIL-based processes enable us to deliver high quality, efficient, and robust services that help facilitate network modernization initiatives and raise

Mission operational confidence.


Cyber Security Services :


We are a leader in network infrastructure RMF control implementation and compliance across DoD networks.

We provide cyber security forensics support to meet DoD and DHS requirements.

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