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Welcome to the STG Education Technology Services website. Our mission is to provide the university's faculty, staff and students with resources to facilitate a successful online learning experience, as well as provide classroom and event technology support, and infrastructure of audio/video systems to enhance classroom teaching, student learning, and presentations of administrative and business events 



The focus of the e Learning team is to assist with the integration of technology into online, hybrid and classroom-based courses. Services for faculty and staff include instructional design, training and support. To assist students, this site provides essential information about the use of technology in web-enhanced courses.

Media Services

Some departments have their own media support groups which maintain their own equipment; however, the majority use Media Services either directly or as a second-tier for reference and assistance.

Video Services

The Video Services team is responsible for videotaping events and other video projects.

STG Partner and representative To IIHT in the Middle East

The IT training programmes offered at IIHT are delivered via six stacks – Cloud Stack, Programming Stack, Big Data Analytics Stack, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Stack, IMS Stack and DevOps. The stack approach allows learners to pick the modules that they intend to specialize in under the mentorship of industry experts in a proven efficient blended learning environment (interactive live virtual classroom). IIHT’s effective combination of interactive online training and all the pros of physical classroom training give students a wholesome experience through cutting-edge browser-accessed learning management system.

The instructors, teaching methods, actual labs and projects to work on are of industry standards thereby giving our students the perfect industry experience even before their very first IT job. Being a global pioneer in research and development of effective IT Training, IIHT’s Blended Learning Stack courses is the result of 25 years of IT training experience that gives IT aspirants of the globe a method of empowerment to learn the best in a cost-effective way.

IIHT’s omni channel presence now allows students to transform any place into an interactive classroom, anytime! Regardless of your experience, the IT technology you want to learn, your location or your budget – IIHT has a Job-ready course for you!

Academia Learning Solution

from Campus to Corporate

STG Partner With IIHT In The Middle east , IIHT’s innovative initiative to bridge the gap between the IT industry and academia.
We at IIHT understand the immense pressure colleges go through in creating curriculum that are ‘all inclusive’ as far as possible. IIHT join hands with educational institutions to help students build industry oriented skills, giving them a wholesome exposure of the IT industry, making them employable, in-demand and potentially successful employees.

Talent-on-Demand for Enterprises

FROM RECRUITMENT TO DEPLOYMENT: Organizations today go through severe pressure to deliver services and products have little time to train new recruits. This is why the need for quality candidates is on the rise, needing candidates who fit in the job perfectly. Organizations would also need candidates who have the capability to fit well into their work culture.

 Irrespective of all the investments made during the recruitment drives that include HR costs, there is still a sense of dissatisfaction as there is a huge gap between understanding and implementations. One of the major reasons being the lack of technical knowledge which leads to the inability of gauging and assessing candidates.  This is where IIHT aims to make a difference.

Integrated Learning Program – 3rd semester to 7th semester

The Integrated Learning Program is designed to expose students to various real world work problems and offered facilitation of solving them. This integrated program that lasts typically between the 3rd and the 7th semester follows the Train-Hire-Deploy model that has fast taken over the IT hiring space. The program is an amalgam of skill training education that aims at making students interview ready in every way by development of applied knowledge well thought out integration of technical skills and academic knowledge put into practical use in projects, workplace skills organizational and analytical skills and understanding that employees use to successfully carry out work tasks and effective relationships Development of personal qualities and interpersonal skills that will enable students to interact effectively with superiors, clients and team mates.

Finishing School – 7th/8th Semester

The Finishing school, as the name suggests, prepares one for the transition from being a student to a professional. IIHT’s finishing school prepares students to help them foray into any IT organization and thrive there. The structured course that extends between 8 to 15 days covers brushing up of technical skills and soft skills. The course is so structured to equal focus on importance of skill development and industry exposure. Apart from helping students impart skills, we also help them stay abreast with the emerging trends in the IT industry that prepares them to face challenges of the industry.


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